Fees Schedules

School Fees Schedules

  1. School fees should be deposited at the school fees counter in cash, as per fees schedule.
  2. All dues should be cleared before the examination and before leaving the school.
  3. Those who do not pay the fees in time shall pay a fine of rupees 100/- per installment, in addition to the school fees.
  4. Payment of fees and dues, if any, pending for 60 days, shall automatically debar pupils from attending classes further and their names shall be struck of the rolls and subsequently an entry shall be made in the admission register ft the school. In such cases, re-admission will be done with full admission fee and payment of all arrears. Re- admission is the right of the principal.
  5. Fees shall be paid for all the 12 month, irrespective of holidays and vacation fees once paid will not be refunded.
  6. Parents wishing to withdraw their wards from the school should give one month notice or pay months fees in lieu of the notice before permission.
  7. Those who wish to deposit the tuition fees of more than a month, or make onetime payment are welcome to do so. However, no rebate is given on such deposits.

Fee schedule is as follows:
Month Fee Schedule
April April, May and June
July July , August and September
October October, November and December
January January, February and March

Some important points to consider

  1. All pupils are required to wear the uniform. Neatness in dress & person should be cultivated by every pupil. Long finger nail, nail polish, jewelry or bringing of expensive articles, fanciful earrings etc to the school is prohibited.
  2. The school uniform is compulsory on all school days and school functions. Children who come without the school uniform should bring a note of excuse from their parents.
  3. All must have at least 2 pairs of school dress for convenience and to be always clean, neat and tidy.