About Us

History, Aim of Sanskriti Srijan Academy

Sanskriti Srijan Academy was established by Dr. B. B. Agrawal and Dr. Sabita Agrawal in 2018 with the concept to enhance the quality of education amongst the rural dwellers of the remote village area of Sadwa and nearby areas. They utilised the support of Srijan Shiksha Sansthan, a trust founded with the purpose of increasing the literacy rate. Under the guidance of Late Dr. Kaushal Kishore Tripathi, a renowned academic of Prayagraj, they set out to give easy access to education in areas where there is a shortage of schools and educators. Local leaders and experienced persons were consulted to understand the needs of the community. For the purpose of developing this institution, they constructed a building on NH-27, 24 KM milestone, Rewa Road, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 212107, on a piece of land already donated to the trust. This land is situated 5 KMs from the nearest railway station (Jasra) and 3 KMs from the nearest bus station (Gohaniya). Within a short span of time, the school received wide public support because the institution is recognised by Basic Shiksha Parishad, Uttar Pradesh. On April 1st 2019, the journey began with a small group of teachers and fifty young minds, who were eager to learn. As time passed, the trust supplemented the school with additional classrooms, teaching equipment, facilities for sports and activities, qualified teachers and supporting staff. This resulted in a versatile education with both curricular and extracurricular expertise. The students were imbibed with values, ethics, and skills to support their overall development into well-rounded individuals. The trust and the school work in sync to continuously improve and innovate in order to boost ahead of the traditional methodology in the field of education.


Sanskriti Srijan Academy is known for its principles and value system. Our motto ‘Hard Work Is The Key To Success’, inspires the school community to achieve success by putting in continuous and strenuous efforts. Our educators envision nurturing the minds of young students to evolve them into leaders capable of improving their society. Innovative approaches have been incorporated into the school curriculum to engage the students’ skills productively. This allows us to enhance classroom interactions and encourages a cooperative learning environment. This augments the students’ social, emotional and cognitive skills. Our curriculum is thoughtfully implemented by our teachers, hoping to benefit the students around the globe. The community of Sanskriti Srijan Academy believes that our wings already exist, all we have to do is fly.


Our vision is to forge strong, positive connections with our students so that they can become independent, confident, knowledgeable adults. We believe that our goal is to develop students’ minds as well-rounded and problem-solvers, motivating them to cope with a changing post-modern and globalized world. We ensure our students are instilled with critical thinking skills, a global perspective and respect for core values of honesty, loyalty, perseverance and compassion.


We aim to prepare our students to contribute and succeed in today’s changing society, thus making the world a better and beautiful place. We hope to ensure that our students develop skills that a sound education provides and the competencies essential for success and leadership in this creative world. We also aspire to generate practical and theoretical knowledge in our students that enables them to better understand our world and improve it for local and global communities.